D3 in 2020 - Success Coaching with Anne McHale MW

Do you…


• plan to take the D3 module of the WSET Diploma this year, but feel daunted by the sheer scale of it?


• find it so enormous that you're not sure if you can get through it all in time?


• crave expert tips on study and exam technique to help you navigate this tricky unit as efficiently and successfully as possible?

• feel isolated as you're based in a country which doesn't have very many Diploma students?


• only want to take this exam ONCE and succeed first time?


D3 (or Unit 3 as it used to be known) can be a stumbling block for many Diploma students. Worth 50% of the final mark, it is a very important part of this qualification and no easy undertaking. I can help you succeed!

Why me and how I can help you achieve success?

I completed my Diploma in 2007, winning the Peter Hampson Memorial Scholarship for the highest marks in the Production of Wine exam and the Vintners’ Cup and Scholarship for the highest marks in the Diploma overall in the UK. I then went on to become a Master of Wine in 2013, winning three awards including the Madame Bollinger Medal for Excellence in Tasting and the Wines of Austria Award for Outstanding Achievement in all areas of the examination.


I achieved these results not because my knowledge or tasting ability were superior to those of all the other candidates, but because I applied very specific skills in both study technique and exam technique. These allowed me to maximise the marks awarded to me. I want to pass these skills on to you.


Three years ago I began working as a Diploma Tutor at the WSET headquarters in London, which has given me an excellent insight into the needs and concerns of current students. In addition, I have been fully briefed by the WSET Global Education team on the nuances of the new Diploma in Wines, launched in 2019, so am up-to-date on the requirements of the new qualification.


Since becoming a Diploma Tutor I have also worked with several private students to help them acquire and apply the special skills which I myself used to achieve success.

Diplomatherapy – what you'll get

During March and April, I ran three live online coaching calls with D3 students. By signing up to access the recordings, you'll be added to the Facebook group where you can view the videos at your leisure and benefit from all the great content, which is outlined below:

Call 1

•How to create your bespoke study plan

•Tasting preparation tips

•Tips for making your theory study notes in a way that will ensure they prepare you best for the exam

•How much detail you need to be able to remember from the vast D3 study notes

•Sample D3 theory question - dos and don'ts

•Q&A with students - very useful as many of you will have the same questions as they did

Call 2

•Further tasting preparation tips including my special formulae for getting full marks in the quality and suitability for ageing sections

•Further theory preparation tips to maximise the efficiency of your study notes

•Sample D3 theory question - dos and don'ts

•Mindset tips which will accelerate your success

•Q&A with students

Call 3

•How to practise tasting for levels of tannin, acidity, alcohol, body and oak

•Tasting exam preparation - how best to prepare as the exam draws nearer

•In the theory exam: my special success techniques

•In the tasting exam: my special success techniques

•Sample D3 theory question - dos and don'ts

•Q&A with students










Diplomatherapy – what students have said about the programme

"Anne, thank you for taking me through your Diplomatherapy course over the last 3 months. I had previously attended some of your classes at WSET and I liked the effort that you put forth in those classes. From the those classroom lessons it was very apparent to me that you cared about the subject, the class, the students and that you are passionate about your work. So, when I saw that you had launched Diplomatherapy I had no hesitation in joining up. The way that you presented the material on Diplomatherapy made it all seem logical and simple even when the ideas were challenging and for me it was an effective mixture of information, examination technique and you keeping things interesting. I would certainly have no hesitation recommending Diplomatherapy to other D3 students." Jaspal Calotier, D3 student

"As a tutor, Anne McHale made an impression on me while I was studying at the WSET London School, so I registered for her Diplomatherapy classes. I am glad I did. As a Diploma student who has to do a lot of self-study over an extended period of time, there are questions and doubts that constantly crop up. Anne's sessions are well-structured and aligned with these, and her personal insights helped a lot. She helped me find motivation and focus as well, a bonus during these difficult times of COVID-19." Ruma Singh, D3 student

"As a WSET Diploma student approaching my D3 exams I decided to sign up to Anne McHale’s online coaching programme in order to focus my revision and improve my technique in the theory exam and the practical tasting element. I found Anne gave very clear and precise tips as to what to do as well as what to avoid in order to pass this challenging exam. Her experience enables her to define the strategies needed and adopt the right mindset towards a successful outcome. As the D3 has been postponed following the Covid 19 outbreak she has been an excellent motivator and I will definitely be signing up for further coaching in the run up to D3 when it is rescheduled. If you are due to take this exam in the future I would highly recommend Anne to help you streamline your work and get goal focused." Rowena Hawtin, D3 student


Access the private Facebook group with all three call recordings, to be reviewed at your leisure as many times as you need, for just £29 per call recording - total £87

•With my private tutoring costs having risen this year to £120/hour, this is an excellent way to access my expertise at a lower cost

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It is important for you to note that my coaching is NOT endorsed by WSET in any official capacity. All opinions expressed are my own.


HOWEVER, with my extensive experience of this examination and of successfully tutoring students, you can be assured that this will be a valuable investment in your success.



Terms & Conditions


By signing up to access the recordings of Diplomatherapy with Anne McHale MW, you agree to the following terms and conditions:


•You acknowledge that Anne’s coaching is not endorsed in an official capacity by WSET and that her opinions are entirely her own.

•Anne will freely share with you the tips which led to her own success, but you acknowledge that your success is dependent on your own commitment to your studies.

•Payments, once taken, are non-refundable.


•You may not at any time copy, reproduce, record, publish in any form, share, sell, dispose of or otherwise make available to a third party in any way any of the materials provided by Anne.


•Any presentations used in the coaching calls will not be distributed electronically afterwards.



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