Oh no! Enrolment in the most recent live round of Diplomatherapy ended at 9.59pm BST on Thursday 1st July 2021. 

To be kept updated on when you can next join Diplomatherapy, email Anne at anne@annemchale.com and she will make sure to keep you informed!

"Anne, thank you for taking me through your Diplomatherapy course over the last 3 months. I had previously attended some of your classes at WSET and I liked the effort that you put forth in those classes. From the those classroom lessons it was very apparent to me that you cared about the subject, the class, the students and that you are passionate about your work. So, when I saw that you had launched Diplomatherapy I had no hesitation in joining up. The way that you presented the material on Diplomatherapy made it all seem logical and simple even when the ideas were challenging and for me it was an effective mixture of information, examination technique and you keeping things interesting. I would certainly have no hesitation recommending Diplomatherapy to other D3 students."

Jaspal Calotier, D3 student

"As a tutor, Anne McHale made an impression on me while I was studying at the WSET London School, so I registered for her Diplomatherapy classes. I am glad I did. As a Diploma student who has to do a lot of self-study over an extended period of time, there are questions and doubts that constantly crop up. Anne's sessions are well-structured and aligned with these, and her personal insights helped a lot. She helped me find motivation and focus as well, a bonus during these difficult times of COVID-19." 

Ruma Singh, D3 student

 ‘I have my D3 exam in May 2021 and I am so glad that I enrolled for your Diplomatherapy. It is an outstanding, impeccably curated and well-structured educational concept. The flow from introduction to the final day of the exam and your motivational talk is truly worth appreciating. I have also downloaded the two bonuses and have taken a look. I am struggling to decide my favourite part :-) I am sure this will be a goldmine for my journey to DipWSET!!! Look forward to the live sessions.’

Amrita Singh, D3 student

"As a WSET Diploma student approaching my D3 exams I decided to sign up to Anne McHale’s online coaching programme in order to focus my revision and improve my technique in the theory exam and the practical tasting element. I found Anne gave very clear and precise tips as to what to do as well as what to avoid in order to pass this challenging exam. Her experience enables her to define the strategies needed and adopt the right mindset towards a successful outcome. As the D3 has been postponed following the Covid 19 outbreak she has been an excellent motivator and I will definitely be signing up for further coaching in the run up to D3 when it is rescheduled. If you are due to take this exam in the future I would highly recommend Anne to help you streamline your work and get goal-focused."

Rowena Hawtin, D3 student

"Studying for both the D3 theory and tasting exam is an incredibly daunting task given the vast scope of material D3 that comprises, but the Diplomatherapy course really helped to focus my approach to both exams, providing me with a solid revision framework and helping me to understand the best way to approach theory questions in the manner the examiners expect. Anne is a great tutor and, in addition to the main content she delivered on the course, spent a huge amount of time answering specific questions from the group."

Tom Savage, D3 student